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Workout Excuse #1: No Time

Work. Work. Work. Isn’t that everyone’s mantra? It isn’t so bad, however, when you like your job. No matter which way you are leaning, a little respite is always in order. Then you can go back to the old grind. For some it is lazing on the beach or by the pool, for others it is a mini vacation to the mountains or lakeshore. For me, a little extra time in the gym is just what I need to unwind, tone up, and relax.

The problem is always finding available time. Days fly by and there are all those obligations. There is teaching, directing the band, errands, some social life, a visit to the dentist, and a bit of food preparation. It is mighty handy if you have a home gym and can avoid the travel. I have yet to indulge.

My ideal gym would be in the immediate vicinity, maybe in the basement or the spare room where I could spread out. I would have a treadmill first and foremost. Space not being a problem, I would add one of those total home gym combo machines that has everything built into one unit like those by Powerline or Bowflex. There are lots on the market so you can customize as you like. It is often a matter of budget.

I can see everything in my mind: the weight plates, the chess press station, the leg extension bar, and all the assorted pulleys. It would be a beauty. My problem is motivation. I don’t have the time to go check models out and see what suits my needs. I don’t even know what my needs are. I don’t have a fitness program: just no time.

I would like someone to do all the preliminaries and have the selected equipment delivered. Then they would have a timeline of fitness exercises and goals that would keep me in the peak of health. They could drop in now and then to supervise and make sure I am performing my curls just right. I could use a few tips and tricks. Think of the time I would save having everything directed and controlled.

I know you are thinking, “excuses, excuses.” You will never get started. But I beg to differ. Just having these thoughts in my head is a good beginning. How does anyone get motivated to use up a big chunk of your early morning or evening after dinner, not to mention weekends? How do people stick with something that is physically demanding? Does it take away mentally from other aspects of life?

Medical experts say no way. They know of what they speak. Exercise energizes you and helps you accomplish so much more. So if you are not working out, you are not productive. Plus there is the issue of longevity. You don’t have to have fancy gym equipment either. Lifting a few weights, running, power walking, and swimming, for example, can fill the bill. I think that if I want to maximize the benefits, I should go all out. I need to do circuit training using all the requisite gear. I will fine tune my body like a musical instrument. If you don’t play it, it won’t have a purpose.