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Maybe I oughtta hire someone…

I like to do things myself. I consider myself a practical man with good hands. They can do more than direct a band or play an instrument. They can repair things around the house – minor things mostly – and help save money. We all have budgets and they tend to be a little short on maintenance. No one expects much to happen to basic appliances and fixtures.

I had been experiencing a leaky faucet for some time, but was just too busy to address the problem what with band practice and performance during the peak season. It seemed to be getting worse, however, and was practically shouting “I need to stop!.” I contemplated the matter and decided to change the washer. Simple job.

That didn’t work oddly enough. Not only did it still leak, but it started to spray, sometimes getting me right in the face as I bent over the sink to brush my teeth. It was like announcing a challenge that I had to answer. I looked up faucet repair on line but was left in the dark. I wasn’t sure the best approach at all.

I could buy a new faucet and really go hog wild on a state-of-the-art fixture. They cost a pretty penny if you want a really nice finish. I was willing to go this route, but doubted by ability to install it. So I decided one thing at a time. I went to the local Home Depot and cased the faucet section carefully. With the help of a kind salesman, I select the best kitchen faucet (within my budget) that would do the job nicely. It was leakproof, so he promised.

He also offered ways to install the thing and pointed me in the direction of plumbing tools. I trotted over on my own and also cased the section carefully. There were ratchets and wrenches and pliers and all kinds of nuts and bolts. I reminded myself what I had noticed long ago: my handyman skills were rather limited. Maybe it was time to hire some help.

Add at least $50 on to bathroom expenses for that and you have a couple hundred dollars committed. I knew that if I tried to install it myself, it would be worse and the plumber would need an extra hour. I succumbed to the temptation of using experienced labor and asked the salesman for a referral.

Let this be a lesson to anyone with a leaky faucet, which is symbolic here for any home repairs. You cannot always do it yourself. Plumbing seems easier than wiring, for example, but it isn’t. It has to be done precisely according to prescribed methods. These methods are not known to the vast majority of people like me who have other chores on their hands.

By the way, I do love my splashless, water saving, energy conservation, shiny new faucet. It’s a beauty for sure. It has a nice long warranty so I won’t need that plumber any time soon unless the kitchen faucet goes awry.