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Internet Resources for Finding Musical Arrangements


One of the challenges I have faced in regard to running both a marching band and a High School music class is finding musical arrangements. Of course, there are many books that you can buy but this can get expensive and you don’t really have a choice over what pieces are included in the books. This is where the Internet comes in.

There is an abundance of website out there that offer loads of free musical arrangements to download. It won’t cost you or your students any money, it can be accessed by anyone who can get online and there is such a wide variety of pieces to choose from. Here are a few of the best internet resources I have found for finding musical arrangements.

This site is by far my favorite! Not only can you find classical and contemporary arrangements, you can also download them, print them out and there is an option to listen to each piece so that you can hear unfamiliar music to see if you are interested in learning it. The printing option is great and allows me to print off multiple copies to pass out to my students. You can also search for musical arrangements by specific instruments too.

Another favorite of mine, Score Exchange offers budding new artists the chance to upload music they have written, as well as download a variety of popular pieces. You can search by music genre, composer, and difficulty level, or browse through their alphabetical list. They also give the option to search for music by the event or purpose you need it for, for example Christmas music or pieces that are focused on learning music theory.

Free Scores is another site that offers a wide array of musical arrangements that is grouped by instrument and category. They have both classical and contemporary music and many old pieces with a new twist from new arrangers. You can get a legal license to use these scores in the public domain for schools, bands and orchestras.

There is really no end to the musical arrangements you can find on these sites. It also benefits my students because they can find their own sheet music based on their particular preferences. I’ve learned that some kids will struggle with a particular arrangement I’ve chosen, but they do better with an arrangement in the same category that they are more drawn to play.

As I mentioned before, there are loads of sites that you can find on the internet for downloading sheet music. However, be careful because some of the sites will offer you a limited amount of choices and will ask you to pay a membership fee to access the rest of the library. Also, site that offer downloads to today’s popular songs don’t always follow copyright laws.