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How Else Can We Instill Healthy Habits if Not By Example

As a music teacher, I have several responsibilities I have to take care of on a daily basis. I need to prepare lessons for each individual in my music class. Every kid has their own preferences and different learning skills, which is why my teaching methods are different for each student. When I examine the syllabus, I also need to find the appropriate materials and other useful resources that might give something extra to the class. I also try to teach the kids theory so they know how to read and interpret music. Some of them are really talented, so this kind of knowledge might improve their skills and desire to pick music as their life’s calling.

Through teaching music, I also try to instill societal, ethical, and individual values in the kids, so they can grow up to be responsible individuals. This is a special challenge since not all children come from the same background and all of them have very distinct personalities. Music does not recognize class, race, gender, and age. That’s why I like it. It’s the universal language that every human on planet Earth can understand. Therefore, if I teach music, which is something so universal, I cannot teach hate and supremacy. We are all the same and we all search for love. In my book, love and music are synonymous.

Healthy habits are also something I try to impose on my students. I’m very happy when I see the kids in my class eating healthy foods. Apples, oranges, vegetables – when I see them on their menu, it makes me particularly happy. With the help of my colleagues, I managed to improve the food in the lounge. I set positive examples for the students. And not only that, but we also managed to equip the facilities with air purifiers so kids can breathe fresh air. How else can we instill healthy habits if we do not serve as an example?  

The kids notice all these improvements. That’s why they enjoy coming to practice. They also enjoy bonding and spending time together. We always try to make their experience as comfortable as we can. When they know that they are safe, secure, and well, they can be productive and give their attention when it’s needed. And let me tell you as a teacher, music requires a lot of attention and focus.